The key to winning a campaign is getting more votes than the other guy. Targeting determines who to identify, persuade, and turnout. It is part science and part political know how. PolitiCo has years of experience in identifying voters and producing winning vote scenarios to help you achieve victory on Election Day or before governing bodies.


Anyone can take a trip to the county elections office and get a list of voters. PolitiCo's data goes beyond the voter file. We combine data from multiple sources to give clients a clearer sense of the individual voter and their neighborhood. The data is accurate, up to date, and relevant to your profile and gives you the edge over your opponent.

Voter Contact Strategies

Time and time again research shows that door to door contact is the most effective way of persuading citizens and building support for your campaign. PolitiCo trains your staff, produces instructions, walk lists, scripts, and maps so that your campaign can get your message and vote out. With years of experience in the field, PolitiCo combines tactics and technology like social media and smart phones to maximize effect and reach.

Government Relations

PolitiCo has assisted numerous clients in the area of government relations, helping them build, develop and nurture relationships with elected officials, decision makers, and other influentials. PolitiCo helps clients with message and strategy to promote your company's or campaign's agenda or project.