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Who We Are

PolitiCo, LLC has provided sophisticated grassroots outreach, research and strategic organizing solutions to political leaders and parties, public interest organizations, Fortune 500 companies, business and labor groups, initiatives, and government agencies and officials since 1995.

PolitiCo, LLC counts among its clients: Rep. Charles Gonzalez, the Chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus; Mufi Hannemann, the former Mayor of Honolulu; former US Senator and current Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar; the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee; the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee; and the Democratic National Committee. Our team has successfully elected candidates to the U.S. Senate, US House, the Texas State House, Hawaii State House, city councils and school boards, and has won key initiative campaigns and private sector project approvals across the country.

In 2011, the firm helped political neophyte Diego Bernal overcome a late start for an open council seat in San Antonio, Texas by defeating two better funded candidates who had been campaigning for over a year. In the same year, the firm also helped incumbent SAISD School Board President James Howard beat back a spirited challenge by a candidate supported by the current mayor.

In 2010, PolitiCo continued its winning tradition in both state and federal races, helping Democrats beat the national trend and overcome the Republican tsunami in a series of races in Hawaii and Texas by increasing base turnout and persuading independents with our strategy and organizational management.

In 2008, our successful ballot initiative campaign to bring rail to Oahu, Hawaii resulted in the newest rail project in the country becoming a reality with ground breaking in 2011.

We have worked with community interest organizations, like Clean Water Action, Southwest Voter Registration and Education Project, Communities Organized for Public Service, America's Natural Gas Alliance, and the Internet Innovation Alliance, to increase membership and awareness for their goals, support for their initiatives, and capacity building in key communities.

Corporate clients representing such diverse industries as builders, developers, gas and oil companies, sports teams, and telecoms have turned to PolitiCo for community and consumer research, issue repositioning, market share protection, crisis communications and public policy analysis and education.

We have served as experts for municipalities and public utilities to help foster citizen participation and community understanding on projects and programs. Our team, working on the ground with local campaign employees or volunteers, has trained and helped with our expertise in capacity building.

At PolitiCo, we are experts in building support and campaigns from the ground up that are built on relationships. We stay one-step ahead of the competition by continual training, learning from other experts, stakeholders, and communities across the country. By maintaining relationships with grassroots and grasstops, utilizing new technology, and studying current demographics, we are able to stay on top of the latest developments and see what is looming in the public sphere.

Our holistic philosophy of campaigns has enabled us to build an unmatched reputation for success and deliverables. We offer our clients cutting edge technologies like social network campaigns and HD video petitions and good old fashion door knocking. These techniques deliver winning strategies, save time and money, and build relationships for our clients. Our advanced micro-targeting models go beyond the basic "for" or "against" predictions to anticipate both turnout and support on a neighborhood by neighborhood level. Our models target communities on a house by house basis instead of making general assumptions about voters or individual behavior based on precincts. Knowledge and analysis of existing groups and stakeholders, as well as the recognition of non-existent but potential groups or stakeholders, allows us to penetrate and organize communities around our strategic approaches to garner public support. In today's interconnected world, we know how to reach voters and stakeholders, position projects, persuade on issues, and create messages that lead people to vote for our clients, rally around their projects, oppose encroachment, and support our client's opinion. Let us show you our skills.